Reflections on Art & Music: Recording in Brooklyn

Today, unexpectedly, my worlds collide. I am making paintings of music. I couldn't be more moved by this.

Let me back up. I studied fine art in college (focus on watercolor) but by graduation I was disenchanted with the notion that a creation lives in only one location, often squirreled away in a room with white walls and no context. I was frustrated with how much art felt like waste....the storage room full of sketches and paintings that were practice. Art was heavy.

I began to gravitate towards my crush on music. Music moves and travels everywhere and exists nowhere. You don't have a storage room full of practice music. You can make and remake the same song over and over, hum it anywhere, share it. It belongs to everyone, pairs with and enhances every major and minor life moment.

Lately, however, I find there is something disenchanting about how accessible music has become, I'm not quite sure why. I've started to see the value in a singular object of creation. I had the pleasure of seeing original Georgia O'Keefe paintings and handmade clothes at an exhibit earlier this year and was transfixed. Her hand touched those very objects. That fabric touched the skin that housed that enormous soul. I've begun to make a point of seeing certain music artists live because of the unique experience of a creation in one location in real time that you cannot replicate.

This is a reminder to myself -- and I suppose by writing publicly, to everyone -- not to hold your enchantments or disenchantments too closely. If we're lucky, life surprises us every day. As my high school social studies teacher said during all discussions: You are allowed to change your mind. That's some wisdom we could all put to practice more often. Give yourself and everyone around you permission to evolve.

Today I get to make live-to-vinyl singles at Leesta Vall, a small label in Brooklyn. Each single is music AND also its own work of art. It's a painting, but it's a painting of music.

It appears that things can hold more truths than we expect. How much more of life is this way?