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More Like Light

Updated: Apr 30

"Energy is more like light than a battery." - Dr. Jill Crista

If someone would have told me that 4 years after I went on indefinite sabbatical from music in May 2020 that I'd still be on break, I would have thought that sounded implausible. Up until that point music was the sun in my life around which everything else revolved.

Perhaps I set up the long pause by using words like "indefinite" but perhaps the events of the past 4 years have done a real number on my life and it realistically takes a while to unwind the damage. Rather than write it all out, I thought I'd try something different this month and post a (rambling!) video to explain why I'm still slugging through the sabbatical -- questions of structure, resource, community, resilience and internal fire are all part of the mix.

Music in the video: Winter Sun (original title: Lights Are Kennywood)

To be transparent, I should probably mention that most of these reasons for a continued pause have finally started to resolve (to my great relief), which is probably why I'm comfortable sharing now. I can feel much of the distress draining from my body and new inspriation arriving, however, for as long as echoes of these reasons linger in material reality or in belief, I'll continue to move at whatever pace feels right.

It is good to be reminded of and remember: The strange paradox of living, which is dense and material, can also change in an instantaneous flash of insight. We are also more like light.

(p.s. Sadly, I cannot figure out how to turn on comments here without turning on comments everywhere. If you'd like to respond, feel free to contact me via my email listed on my home page.)


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