CD (ALBUM) - What Else Is Love

WEIL Album Cover.jpg
WEIL Album Cover.jpg

CD (ALBUM) - What Else Is Love


Produced by Heather Kropf and Scott Hull

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Includes lyrics booklet

Players: Heather Kropf, Keith Hershberger, Randall Venturini, John Purse, Joe Waslousky, Eric “Roscoe” Ambel, Dale Cinski, Jim DiSpirito, Todd Giudice, Scott Hull, James Moore, Jenna Nicholls


  1. Double Take

  2. String

  3. Compass Rose

  4. Wish

  5. Edges of the Day

  6. What Else is Love

  7. Drive

  8. Kite

  9. Daylight

  10. One Good Day

  11. Philosopher’s Stone