CD (ALBUM) - Chrysalis

Chrysalis Album Cover.jpg
Chrysalis Album Cover.jpg

CD (ALBUM) - Chrysalis


Produced by Heather Kropf and Jeff Berman

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Includes lyrics panels and album art and design by Harriet Taylor Seed.

Players: Heather Kropf, Jeff Berman, Chris Parker, Randall Venturini, Jeff Grubbs, Ben Shannon, Pete Freeman, Skip Sanders, Douglas Witmer, Ray DeFade, Chris Hannigan, Keith Hershberger, Joy Ike, Preach Freedom, Shay, Mark Williams


  1. Ghost in My House

  2. Out of My Atmosphere

  3. Mile Marker

  4. Rain Quilt

  5. Sweet Liberty

  6. Want You Back

  7. Harvest and Snow

  8. Old House Show

  9. Poison for Water

  10. Valentine